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Meet “Team Jacobus”

What does it take to stay happily married for over 30 years these days? How do you build the vibrant healthy marriage you dreamed of when you said “I do”? Surely there must be a secret or magic fairy dust right?

The truth is there isn’t any big secret or magic fairy dust. It really comes down to some important fundamentals like:

  • Commitment – we don’t quit no matter what!
  • Continuous learning – having the humility it takes to know there is always something to learn that will improve your marriage!
  • Intentionality – focusing on constantly improving your marriage or what we like to call “Team Jacobus”
  • God’s Plan – knowing God ordained marriage and has a clear plan for how it is to be carried out successfully

So, Jim and Christie Jacobus, also known as “Team Jacobus” have dedicated themselves to helping couples experience everything they dreamed of when they said their vows to each other. Through their Your Marriage Matterz podcast and Facebook group, retreats, workshops, IT3 Sunday School class, articles, blog posts and now The Cupid Challenge Team Jacobus is committed to doing everything they can to building YOUR vibrant healthy marriage!

We trust you will enjoy The Cupid Challenge!

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To sign up for The Cupid Challenge Click Here!



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