The Cupid Challenge … Day 5!

Welcome to Day 5 of The Cupid Challenge.

How would our relationship change if we knew exactly what made our spouse feel loved and we became masters of doing just that! Looking back on YOUR Marriage Matterz podcast episode #036 where we dig into the Relationship Insights assessment of relational needs.

To Complete This Challenge You Can

  1. Click Here to download the full Relational Needs Assessment and then have your spouse fill it out. Click Here to listen to YMM Podcast episode #036 to learn how to take advantage of the assessment.
  2. Click Here to download a list of the 10 Relational needs and simply ask your spouse which one of them would be their #1. Then ask them what could you do be intentional on a daily basis in meeting that relational need and consequently make them feel loved!

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We will see you tomorrow for Day 7 of The Cupid Challenge!

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