Welcome To “The 14 Day Cupid Challenge”

What Is The Cupid Challenge?

The Cupid Challenge is an opportunity for all of us to be intentional and focused on doing simple things to build more vibrant healthy marriages! The “challenge” will run for 14 days beginning February 1st and running up to Valentine’s Day!

Each day we will provide you (via e-mail) with a simple, but powerful, challenge designed to help you build a more vibrant and healthy marriage while having some great fun along the way!

More importantly … why should you get involved? Great question! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Great marriages don’t happen by accident … they are a product of positive, consistent and intentional actions.
  • Great marriages happen when both partners have the humility necessary to be willing to learn and work on themselves and their marriage!
  • Great marriages are a byproduct of putting the marriage, or The Team, ahead of the individuals!
  • Great marriages are marked by couples that have fun together!

The Cupid Challenge will incorporate each of these important keys and much, much more!

So, we invite you to join us for 14 days of focused learning where we promise you will have great fun while building a more vibrant healthy marriage! Click Here to register …

Sincerely yours …

Team Jacobus
Jim & Christie Jacobus

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